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Flauros - Angel Negro

Black Beauty - Angel Negro

May 2004

Flauros a strong duke, is seene in the forme of a terrible strong leopard, in humane shape, he sheweth a terrible countenance, and fierie eies, he answereth trulie and fullie of things present, past, and to come; if he be in a triangle, he lieth in all things and deceiveth in other things, and beguileth in other busines, he gladlie talketh of the divinitie, and of the creation of the world, and of the fall; he is constrained by divine vertue, and so are all divels or spirits, to burne and destroie all the conjurors adversaries. And if he be commanded, he suffereth the conjuror not to be tempted, and he hath twentie legions under him. Pseudomonarchia daemonum - Johann Wier (1583)

♦ Note ♦

Black Beauty - Angel Negro

頭に棘を飾り/目に力を佩き/腰に炎を注ぎ/足取りも軽やかに/生贄を踏みしだく/古き神よ/汝は命を捌くすべを知る/何を恐れることがあるかと/高らかに歌うその声/明日には己もまた裁かれる身と/哄笑を鈴の音に/舞うがごとく歩み続ける/やがて死にいたる、生命という道を/ [フラロウス-ソロモン王に封じられた72柱のデーモンの一柱。”召喚者の敵を焼き尽くすと云われる]