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E Pluribus Unicorn

E Pluribus Unicorn

July 2006

A Statue of Amdusias

libera me ab ore leonis et a cornibus unicornium humilitatem meam
"Save me from the wrath of the lion and the horns of the unicorn"- psalm 92

♦ Note ♦

一角獣、玄にして多角のもの - E Pluribus Unicorn

死者には花を/生者に知恵を/巻き毛渦巻く/頭(こうべ)をたれて/目には涙と心得る/ 在りし日の乙女の腕に/安らいだも束の間の夢/常命の君はみまかりぬ/ああ、みまかりぬ/ 憂いるは無常の猟犬/悔いるは死を癒さざる角/ なれど愛しき乙女よ/齢の爪に引き裂かれてなお/安らぐ顔美しく/ 骸なる君の眼窩より/変わらず微笑む不凋花を視る/

The Sixty-seventh Spirit is Amdusias, or Amdukias. He is a Duke Great and Strong, appearing at first like a Unicorn, but at the request of the Exorcist he standeth before him in Human Shape, causing Trumpets, and all manner of Musical Instruments to be heard, but not soon or immediately. Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline according to the Exorcist's Will. He giveth Excellent Familiars. He governeth 29 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, etc. - "Goetia" - S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904)